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Meet Your New Business Besties


Helping fierce female entrepreneurs level up their online businesses with the power of digital marketing. From mastering social media to creating killer content, we've got you covered on your journey to slay the digital game!

At RG Creatives, we help SheEOs make a splash in the online world! Our team of experts in strategy, social media, tech, and design will help you take your business from ordinary to extraordinary. We'll handle the heavy lifting of your online presence, while you kick back and enjoy the ride.

We understand firsthand how challenging it can be to launch a course, program, or service. That's why we want to save you time and energy by leveraging our experience to avoid the trial and error process. However, we don't just launch your offers and help you earn money, we’re big perfectionists with even bigger hearts. We genuinely love working with our clients and watching them shine. 

(& that's not all) But to keep things simple, you can call us your new business bestie! 

Marketing Gurus. Course Creators. Tech & Design Nerds.

A little about us

Is burnt out from trying to DIY everything in your business.

 Has lots of ideas (but not sure how to implement them).

Wants to launch something and make regular sales.

Wants more coaching applications, clients, and passive offer sales.

Sucks at social media, lead generation or content creation.

Lacks time from constant 1:1s

Gets overwhelmed from work stress

If you're a coach, course creator or service provider who....

who we work with

we've got you!

2020 brought unexpected changes due to the global pandemic. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it opened my eyes to the need for a helping hand and extra dose of confidence for countless women starting their own online businesses.

I saw a common trend with women having all the ideas, knowledge and dreams but when it came to piecing it all together and marketing themselves like a SheEO, they got stuck with imposter syndrome, procrastination, and plain old confusion. Luckily, unlocking potential is our jam at RG Creatives. We empower women to chase their dreams and thrive and we'll do whatever it takes to make that happen!.

We feel incredibly lucky to have supported countless incredible female entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and thriving like queens!

What's next? We can't wait to be your new business bestie.

A Note From Our Founder Remi

what our clients have achieved

From crickets to celebrations, Emma handed her marketing over to us and thanks to the combination of email marketing & social content, her business skyrocketed!

Gained enquiries!

With our help in a 1-1 intensive and setting up her Freebie Funnel & sales page, Doramy can now focus on her strengths while we take care of the rest. Now she's fully equipped to launch her new
 1-1 coaching programme!

Gained time!

Annie's business hit a major milestone when we helped her set up her Freebie Funnel and launch her first course. She reached her biggest month in business yet, raking in an impressive 30k!

Gained freedom!

Thanks to our website design and social media coaching services, Lisa's customers can now easily find her and make enquiries.

Gained visibility!

With our support in setting up her Freebie Funnel and through our ongoing 1-1 coaching, Sam has achieved great success by launching her ver own 1-1 coaching program and expanding her offer suite.

Gained leads!

Kim has achieved great success through a combination of paid ads, social media management, lead generation, and conversion-focused content.

Gained bookings!

We transformed their business from 1:1 to 1:many, incorporating funnels, paid ads, and engaging social content that attracted their ideal audience. With our support, sales notifications rolled in 24/7.

Gained income!

We gave her a total rebrand, took over her social media management, and attracted many new customers to her salon, establishing her as a prominent figure in her town.

Gained customers!

Thanks to our expertise in e-commerce website development and social media management, we transformed a new brand into a standout one.

Gained traffic!





Why overcomplicate things? We prioritise simplicity to help you feel empowered and in control of your business, without getting bogged down in unnecessary details or jargon. With our help, you can focus on what matters most.


No one else is you, and that’s your greatest strength. That's why we work closely with you to amplify your own voice (not ours). By staying true to ourselves and to you, we know that we’ll achieve the best possible results.


We’re all about community. Because we believe that by supporting women like you, we’ll drive real change in the world - one success story at a time.


we stand for

We have designed this short but sweet quiz to strategically identify the areas that you’re acing but also the areas that need a little bit of TLC in order to skyrocket your business on social media, attract your ideal clients and make consistent sales.


We've also created a personalised workbook filled with tips, Canva templates, and tons of other goodies based on your quiz results.

It's your ultimate tool to sell out your offer and have a blast while doing it!

If you’re wanting to: 

Identify the gaps in your current social media strategy.

Uncover common mistakes that could be hindering your growth.

Pinpoint areas for improvement in the way you're showing up for your ideal clients online.

Determine if you're actually calling in your target audience.

Discover untapped potential in your branding, sales strategy and personal uniqueness