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A masterclass for...

Unlock the social media strategy secrets to signing more clients & making more money all while saving you more time

How to get crystal clear on your ideal client so that you can sell to them confidently with tried & tested sales techniques

Why blending storytelling with your unique selling point is the key ingredient to standing out online 

How and when to incorporate AI in your content (with prompts to use)

Our signature ABC social strategy to ignite your online presence.

Master the art of the different types of content and topics to attract the right people on their buying journey

Unlock the secrets to effortlessly creating a month's worth of content across different platforms in only a few days.

Coaches, course creators and online service providers who are ready to learn our exclusive strategy to effortlessly create a month's worth of content in only a few days. Master the art of selling on social and discover how to blend storytelling with AI to 10x your visibility and overall success online.

Here’s what we will be covering to show HOW Social Media Success can be As Easy As Swiping Right!


“If you can invest in one thing in your business, invest in your social media and overall marketing. I underestimated the impact social media could have on my business but once I handed it over to RG Creatives, I was amazed at how many new leads it could bring me, my business growth skyrocketed within 3 months and I have signed more clients than I could have imagined.”


“I know my zone of genius and expertise and this wasn't it! I was finding that it was sucking up my coaching slots and not a good use of my time! Remi understands me without me having to go into such great detail…she’s like my business bestie and cheerleader that everyone needs in their corner! I cannot wait to team up with her again on my next project. Don’t even hesitate and overthink it, just call her & take action as you won’t regret it”


“I love your eagerness to share your expertise with me about social media. It has given me the confidence to try my own social media that I thought I would never have, we will definitely keep working together because I absolutely loved working with you”

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    When I'm not sipping on a delicious cup of coffee, hanging out with my furry friend, or challenging my personal best at the gym, I'm on a mission to help people just like you overcome their social media struggles and thrive online.

    Here at RG Creatives, we totally get the frustration and overwhelm that comes with the ever-changing world of social media. After working with over 100 different social media accounts in the past 6 years, we know the secret sauce for running a super successful social media page.

    This exclusive opportunity is for you to supercharge your online presence and attract your dream clients. I'm thrilled to be your guide on this exciting journey, sharing my experience and expertise to help you harness the power of social media like a pro.

     I'm Remi, your social media savior!

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